Happy people at the Salzburg Eurofinals

emmasalzburgwinnerEuropean Cultural Heritage Salzburg with its Automotive Fair was a great host to EMMA’s internatioal Mega Event. Salzburg, UNESCO World Heritage, birthplace of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, melting pot of European culture gave a perfect venue for the 12th EMMA Eurofinal, where the EMMA Community enjoyed another marvellous get together of sound, culture and partying. The Salzburg fairground, filled up with exclusive cars and automotive life style, welcomed its international guets with an ultimatevely exciting, inspiring and informative show.

emmasalzburg1Latest mobile entertainment technology, plenty of technical and musical expertise was particularly to be heard and to be seen during the EMMA Eurofinals. The best sounding vehicles from over 20 European nations showed up for this event highlight. Emerging from the sound championships in their home countries, again all national first or second placed EMMA competiors were invitet to compete.

Among those who took the challenge to crank up for the international EMMA finals were again only the most professionally and virtuosly equipped car media masterpieces with impressively elegant audiophile equipment. All of them were be sound- and install-checked by the international team of EMMA judges in order to determine the best sound cars of Europe.

emmasalzburg3The championship again came along with an eclectic show and entertainment program, presenting all fun and excitement facets of this gigantic sound off spectacle including a fun and music filled Saturday Night Party at an old historic brewery in the middle of Salzburg.

Winners had again also to be determined in a competition between various country presentations, where Germany came up with a little Oktoberfest, including draft beer, sausages and folk music, England with a traditional tea time celebration, Russia with original fresh made Blinis filled with Caviar plus a lot of Vodka, Italy again came up with an exhilarating contingent of their Mediterranean culinary and a great lifestyle presentation so this year’s winning Team was Italy. Congratulations and warmest thanks to all participants for their great hospitality!

IMGP4518-Kopie-2-KopieAnd here are the most important winners of the event: the Champions and Vice-Champions among the participants of this year’s EMMA Eurofinals. Those kings of car media were crowned at the award ceremony on Sunday afternoon, applauded by a huge audience. Most of the participant nations took home a nice bunch of trophies. In ESPL Slovenia is a real power with five Trophies far away from all others, a small but very loud Nation. Also the hosting Country, Austria had also a big reason to celebrate because two of their team became European Champion in SQ. Team Italy/San Marino, Ukraine and Russia were strong but the Germans are again the No.1 in SQ with together 10 Trophies. Multi Media indeed is a Russian issue. Their team won all theree Championship titles this time. Brand new and adapted from the Asian EMMA affiliates was the first ever competition in ESQL, a format where the SQ judging is made from outside the car and presented with a show to the audience. The winning team from Finalnd was supported by Dong Ming from China who presented a great Gangnam Style performance around the car.

The ceremony was like always a amazing show with lots of emotions and set the last point of the days of Salzburg. A great place to meet and the discussion already started to host the Kick Off for 2014 at the Automesse.

Congratulations to all of you!

emmasalzburg4In the course of this event the Sponsors AIV, Brax, Digital Designs, DLS, Dominations, ESX, German Maestro, Gladen, Ground Zero, Helix, HiFonics, JL Audio, Mosconi, Pioneer, Rainbow, Rockford Fosgate, Silent Coat & Vibe again presented a great range of new products, functions and integration solutions. For specific questions and detailed information their teams of specialists were available. And, again a lot of hot car audio products and demo vehicles equipped with their highly regarded mobile infotainment brands were presented.

EMMA thanks all sponsors for their support. Our special thanks goes to this year’s main sponsors Pioneer and Ground Zero!

result ESPL-ESQL Salzburg 2013

result MM Salzburg 2013

result Racing Salzburg 2013

result SQ Salzburg 2013

Official Event Video

ESQL Car Presentation Team Finland

Video of EMMA Benelux

Pictures EMMA-UK

Ceremony Pictures EMMA Austria

Nations   ranking 1. Place 2. Place 3. Place
Germany 5 8 4
Slovenia 5 1 1
Russia 4 4 3
Austria 3 2 4
Finland 3 1
San Marino 2 2 2
Ukraine 2 2
UK 1 1
Sweden 3
Netherlands 1
Italy 3
Switzerland 1

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