EMMA back in Brasil

brasil14-1EMMA has made a great comeback in Brazil, with a special event. On April 26th and 27th, Ianaconi Imports, organized a sound quality competition, where every competitor was using exactly the same equipment powered by the Distributors of the brands.

All the speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers were supplied by Ground Zero. Interconnect cables supplied by Tchernov Cable, other wiring by Shok Industries and sound deadening by Standartplast.

Kenwood Brasil was the partner for the Source Units, so each competitor received a Kenwood CD-Player for the use in his competition vehicle.

The competitors came from all around Brazil, and really enjoyed the format. Specially the feedback coming from the international EMMA head Judges Somkiat Pookayaporn (Thailand) and Volker Simmer (Germany) was highly appreciated by the participants.

As a reward, the winner of Experienced Class won a spot in the Ianaconi Install Solutions training, which happens in July, with Micah Williams, owner of Sonus Car Audio, one of the best manufacturers in the World. A highlight will come for the winner of Advanced class who will experience a trip to the next EMMA European Championships.

Official Results:



1 – Hertz Audio (São Paulo – SP) – 80 Install / 188 Audio = 268 points

2 – Gasparzinho Som (São Paulo – SP) – 80 Install / 183 Audio = 263 points

3 – Kako Som (Piracicaba – SP) – 75 Install / 187 Audio = 262 points


1 – LR Art Audio (Santos – SP) – 112 Install / 210 Audio = 322 points

2 – Garage Sound (Campo Grande – MS) – 105 Install / 216 Audio = 321 points

3 – Craft Sound (São Paulo – SP) – 108 Install / 210 Audio = 318 points

Now the next step is to organize a real preview of EMMA, for officially launching it in 2015. The Date is supposed to be in August 16/17

For more information contact Ianaconi Imports [diogo@ianaconi.com.br]

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