BBB – Brazil, Beats and Beef

curitiba1Two international Head-Judges from Germany, Jan Schleicher and Norbert Tyka were invited to visit Brazil for a Judge-Training lesson and for judging on the first annual EMMA-Event in Brazil. After finishing the seminar 25 new Brazilian Judges are now allowed to judge EMMA-SQ-Events all over the world.

The EMMA event was a part of the Curitiba Motor Show with its initial annual competition. 19 Competitors in 3 Experienced and Master Classes were judged and the Judges were very impressed about the high Quality of the Brazilian Installations. All the new Judges as well as the competitors were highly interested to learn everything about the worldwide growing EMMA-Family and how the competitions work. Many questions were asked to the European guests. For the Ceremony the main stage area was crowded with people watching the perfect organized show. Of course one of the reasons for the huge amount of people was the Pinup Girl show just before the EMMA ceremony, but now many guests know also more about EMMA Brazil. The evenings were reserved to meet the best Beef-Restaurants of Curitiba. One of them was the biggest Restaurant in the World called „Madalosso“ with 4630 seats and amazing good Steaks. EMMA would like to thank Diogo Ianaconi and especially Wellington and his wife for the great days in Curitiba and we are sure that the Future of EMMA Brazil will be a successful one.

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