EMMA Vietnam relaunched

After some Years of inactivity EMMA Vietnam blasted off gloriously once again on 27 May in Ho Chi Minh City, with 35 entries in Sound Quality, ESQL & EMMA Racing competition categories. Otosaigon the organizer of Emma Vietnam hosted the competition in conjunction with Saigon Autotech and Accessories 2017 show. Many of the top car audio shops were in competition, the top category Best Of Sound was won by Minh Phu Auto with its Honda Civic. EMMA Racing competition attracted some rarely seen cars like 1967 Ford Mustang Elanor & the latest Ford Raptor.Great performance were put up in the ESQL cars showing the passion for car audio.The judges who supported the event were our Asia Headjudges Terence Nah, Prapasakorn Bhucksasri & Mickey Tang.

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