Rulebook Conference 2017

On 20th & 21st October 2017 the leading European head Judges met in Frankfurt for a rulebook conference, finalizing the Rulebook for the Years 2018 and 2019. Within the two days the existing manual was reviewed by the 17 participants from 10 Nations. Having the new rules ready by January 2018 is on target as all relevant discussion points have been covered in the conference.  

In terms of changes to the classes:

There are two main changes in SQ and MM:

  1. A new Class in SQ, the “Master Limited” where professionals/ those that work in the industry can compete, but Judges are not allowed to compete.
  2. The MM Expert will be deleted as on an international scale, there is not enough interest from competitors to justify the need for it.


  1. A Brand-new class has been created “ESPL 1000 Euro” where the price limit (for Subwoofers and Amplifiers only) is 1000 Euro according to the EMMA Value Database.
  2. To make room for this new class, T-Unlimited has been removed.
  3. B Class is back but has been combined with R Class to make one “B/R Class” where competitors can decide if their limit is the rear seat to the roof (within the trunk) or up to the B Pillar and no higher than the window line.  


The two classes will be better defined in ESQL.

  1. Trunk according to the ESPL ruling.
  2. And ESQL Unlimited where the Installation can be in any place behind the B-Pillar of the Vehicle.  


There are a lot of changes to the EMMA Racing Rules. First it will be renamed to EMMA Tuning. The “racing” part was taken out of the rules as “racing” is not the primary purpose of this class, whereas the modifications of the car are, which is more commonly known across Europe as “Tuning”. Head judges agreed that “EMMA Tuning” will be much clearer when discussing and attracting potential new comers to the EMMA competitions.

Secondly the judging procedure documentation has been enhanced and adjusted to fit into the judging logic of the EMMA Rules.

Lastly the classes. There are Three categories available in the future,

  1. “Stock+” (with an OEM Body and painting).
  2. “Custom Trunk” (where according to the ESPL Trunk definition, all SPL equipment is in the Trunk).
  3. “Custom Unlimited” (where anything is allowed).


The participants on this conference

Ronald van Looij              Netherlands                     

Carel Wolf                       Netherlands                     

Ketil Skeij                        Norway                              

Christian Martin               UK                                        

Andrew Ackerley             UK

Werner Rothschopf          Austria                                

Antero Kölli                     Finland                               

Costas Christopoulos      Greece

Francesco Richichi         Italy

Gennady Litvin               Russia

Jan Schleicher               Belgium

Rene Krosse                  Germany

Norbert Tyka                  Germany                           

Chris Körbel                   Germany                           

Volker Simmer               Germany

Alexander Klett              Germany

Lars Neuper                  Germany  

The new categorization will be published in November