EMMA Asia Conference 2017 Jakarta Indonesia


The annual EMMA Asia conference was again a great platform to meet and discuss certain matter around the EMMA Activities. All EMMA Affiliates from the region as well as many representatives form manufacturer and distributor side took part on the discussion. The main output was that the EMMA Asia Finals should be moved back into an annual modus as the request in 2017 was so high that all saw a need to do it every Year. In addition to that the attended representatives confirmed also to increase their support for upcoming EMMA Asia Finals.

A bunch of additional isues have also been discussed mainly about strengthen of communication internally and also externally. Marc Ayers has been appointed to take responsibility for all Asian international relations and is supposed to be the major connecting point inside EMMA Asia affiliates. Furthermore, a plan to establish EMMA in Korea was agreed and hopefully EMMA Korea will start in 2018. The attention was also brought to many technical questions around organizing competition events and above that future corporation with trade fairs and professional shows where the affiliates will look for to corporate for an increasing visibility of Car Media.

Again all agreed that such events are essential to strengthen the Network also as business platform. The next meeting is supposed to be during the EMMA Eurofinals in March 2018 in Salzburg.