International Installer Challenge 2018

EMMA UK & In Car FREQ Magazine presents:

The 48Hr International Car Audio Build off 2018

Live at Modified Nationals Performance & Tuning Show 25th to 27th May @ Peterborough Arena & Events Centre.

Team UK vs Team Germany 2018

The International Car Audio Build Off is to showcase live the fabrications skills offered by some of the industry’s professional car audio installers, using some of the latest car audio products available.

Each five-person team are given the same car, the same products and materials, yet only 48 hours to build and tune a ‘competition standard’ Car HiFi System.

At the end of the 48 Hr build off (to be held from Noon Friday till Noon Sunday in the main courtyard at Modified Nationals Performance and Tuning Show), each team will present the cars to the guest judges to identify the highlights and unique skills deployed on both cars. The cars will then enter the European Mobile Media Association ( competition.

The cars will be judged according to the new 2018 edition rulebook in the following categories.

Master Level Sound Quality

Skilled ESPL (Sound Pressure Level)
Master Level Installation

Each team will earn a combined TEAM Score.

The team with the highest combined score from the three scoresheets will be crowned International Build Off Champion 2018.