EMMA Malaysia Completes Judges Training

EMMA Malaysia successfully wrapped up their 2018 International Judges Training, with over 40 newly minted judges to be coming out from Malaysia. Under the leadership of Howie Choo, the overall direction EMMA Malaysia is taking toward the competition scene is to steadily grow their own stable of judges, and uplift the level of understanding and knowledge in the competition scene. Trainers from Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were in full force, with very effective practical training done to ensure optimum understanding of the EMMA Judging standard.

There was a mix of old and many new faces who attended the training, with the 2 day affair ending late toward the second day. Special congratulation also to one new judge who flew all the way from India to take the training in Malaysia.

All the preparation and groundwork is being laid for the hosting of EMMA malaysia for the 2018 EMMA Asia Finals, and we look forward to the local events EMMA Malaysia will have in the next few months.