Modified Nationals the fabulous UK event

End of May EMMA UK held it´s so far biggest competition at the Modified Nationals in Peterborough. Surrounded by over 10 000 thrilling vehicles the EMMA competition attracted 127 participants to go for the trophies. An international judge team from the Netherlands, Germany and the UK had a tough job to do. The spirit around that event was just great and something special as it was a get together in a typical EMMA Style. A special thanks to Sue and Pops for the great catering and taking care of all the guests. The highlight of all the activities was the Installer Challenge, where the Fuldagäng and Friends Team from Germany challenged the hosts from Team UK in a 48-hour installation into two Audi TT. Starting point was Friday noon and by Sunday the teams of 5 members each installed a sound and SPL system into the cars. The challenge was that they competed in SQ Master 5000 and also in ESPL R/B. At the end the Fuldagäng Team turned out as the overall winner – even if there should be no second place on that competition, since both teams did a terrific job. Congratulations to EMMA UK for the great job done. A great thank you to the sponsors of the installer challenge: Vibe, Edge, Ground Zero, Helix and Pioneer. An extra thank you to Vibe Audio for supporting the activities of EMMA UK throughout this challenge with installation materials and equipment.