EMMA Mexico is back

After some Years of missing activity EMMA is on the way to be relaunched until the end of Year. The former EMMA Head Judge Jose Leonardo Cazares and his friend Antonio Agüero signed an agreement with EMMA to become official affiliates for Mexico. The plan so far is to invite a trainer in autumn for a first local judge seminar to be able to operate according to the EMMA rules. The first sound off events are planned to be organized in 2019.

Antonio Agüero started as a competitor of SQ in 2005, was national champion in his category two consecutive years, he continued competing until 2012 when he took the first seminar to be judge of a national and international association (IASCA), he attended three seminars, being a certified judge of SQ and ISQ until today.

José Leonardo Cazares from 1996 to 2003 was a competitor of SQ being regional champion in his category, from 2003 to date with 4 seminars to his credit as active judge in IASCA national and international, in 2010 he became official EMMA judge in Germany , also he is judge of dB drag Mexico since 2012.