Danish EMMA round 3 – CARSound Hillerod


Danish summer this year can compete with the typical middle European hot summers, temperatures around 28-30 C made this day a literally hot event.
On Saturday 21st of July, EMMA Denmark held its 3rd event this year at our sponsor CARSound in the city of Hillerod, north of Copenhagen.

With 12 different judgements in SQ, ESQL and ESPL, the two Danish Headjudges was busy allday long. Compared to our international EMMA events, Danmark has a small footprint, but at each event, we have seen many new competitors, young and old starting their EMMA career. This is very good news for us, as Caraudio competitions in Denmark has been on a declining slope for years, until now.

ESQL still has an increasing interest from our ESPL competitors, and they have readjusted their systems during the spring, giving focus to the “SQ” in ESQL, judging a ESQL car on a nice summerday is a pure joy.
But the new CD and the new average 30 sec measurement with open doors, did give some competitors grey hairs over low dB scores – just a few seconds of less bass in the songs drastically reduces the average score a lot – they will go home and practice on finding the best 30 sec. on the SPL tracks.

At the end of the day we did play a little around with the Termlab and did some extra dB measurement, one Seat Leon did reach 147,5dB on sine tones – it was quite fun.

CARSound Hillerod fired their barbecue and the grill food and soft drinks was popular on this day. We would like to thank CARSound Hillerod for a great day at their shop.

Next event is on Saturday 28th. July at Hilmas Audio, in Nysted, south of Seeland.