Swedish Finals with more competitors

The Swedish Final is settled with many new Swedish champions.

Already on Friday, the first cars came into place at Octan Audio, Fegen. The cars were prepared and refined well after the darkness.

On Saturday, the remaining cars came for a total of 18 SQ-cars on the final, which is 50% more than last year. The judging began at 10 o’clock and lasted until 16 o’clock. The weather was not as we had get used to this summer, the rain came throughout the day. A timetable was printed and followed exemplarily by the judges.

After the judging we went back to the hostel where all participants stayed for barbeque.

Sunday started with the final installation judging at 10 o’clock to start judging of Best of Sound from 11 o’clock, where the highest sound score in each class qualified. These cars got three new sound judging to determinate the car with the best sound in Sweden!

Even this day, there rain fell and the participants hide under the tents. After checking the protocols, the award ceremony took place and the sun was ready to come and shine over all prize-winners.

Final results can be read here.

Images from the final can be found here.

Next stop will be the Euro Final in Salzburg where many of the prize winners will representing Team Sweden.