EMMA Malaysia Heat 1 Reporting In

EMMA Malaysia 2018 Heat 1 draw much attention to new competitors in the local industry trying to improve themselves. The high number of new competitor’s turnout has successfully making the event crowded with a total number of  48 cars into 74 register of different categories.

The event was filled with excitement and chills with the judges invited from Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines together with 6 of our Malaysian judges to perform the duty. Judges from Philippines performed a live tuning of an ESQL ready vehicle on the show time to show off their ability in making a fast and accurate tuning. Competitors are craving to know how they tune the system with such a short time and how to get a good sound and compete in the ESQL competitions.

High numbers of visitors and some extra show off time delayed the prizing to 11PM, which everyone was excited to know who are able to get the gold stainless steel trophy back and shout to their friends. To settle everything fast and easy, Prizing ceremony was performed at a quick and simple way.

EMMA Asia 2018 final stage will be held on Kuala Lumpur on 2nd December 2018 @ One City Mall, USJ, after the EMMA Malaysia Heat 2 on 1st December 2018. All Asia region affiliates will be joining us to have a wonderful event, competition and gathering during that times.

Let’s enjoy the footage of the whole event in the link below.