Norwegian EMMA finals 2018

This years Norwegian EMMA finals were held at a venue called Oslo Motor Show. It is the largest indoor car show in Norway with approx 40 000 visitors. And this year it was held at Friday Oct 26th to Sunday Oct 28th.

The finals was from Thursday Oct. 25th to Sunday Oct 28th.  With SQ judging on Thursday before the venue opened to the public, So the background noise was kept to a minimum.

ESPL measurements was done Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the end the difference was approx 2,5 points between first and second place in ESPL T-4W. Some contestants were clearly more anxious than others during the award ceremony.

We also had ESQL finals for the first time. This was something that people was curious about, and alot of fun, as they tried to score bonus points by “dancing”

The feedback from the participants was that it was very nice to have an indoor final, especially considiring that the temperature outside was around 5 degrees celsius.

The Longest distance was from Bardufoss. It’s a 20 hour and over 1600km long trip.

Results from the finals can be found here

Pictures from the finals here