EMMA Mexico is on the way

From November 9-11 international Head Judge Francesco Richichi form Italy trained 26 participants to become official EMMA Judges in Mexico. Also the plans for 2019 were finalized with the organizing team of José Cazares, Christophe Bedel  and Antonio Agüero. The first step will be three competitors trainings all across the Country and two events to be hold in Summer 2019. EMMA Competition will become part of Mexico´s largest CarMedia event Audiofest which is a great chance to promote the spirit of EMMA. The response from the participants was satisfactory upon receiving the explanation of their concerns from Mr. Richichi. All see a big potential for the future of EMMA as Mexico is only the first important step in Middle and South America to extend the Global Network. Some Industry members already welcomed the progress starting with this training. More Information will follow.

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