ZAPCO becomes Global Partner

Zapco signed an agreement to become a new international Global EMMA Partner. Zapco was there at the start of car audio scene, with the first true high fidelity car amplifier. Officially incorporated in 1974, Zapco quickly earned a reputation for superior sound and rock-solid reliability.

In the 80’s Zapco took another step forward by being the first car audio company to use optical isolators in car audio amplifiers. With optical isolators between the power supply and the amplifier section, to eliminate the noise, Zapco could now begin to put the amplifiers and power supplies in the same chassis. The result was the Zapco Z-220, which has been followed by a long series of amazingly “live” sounding amplifiers.

In 1993 Zapco became part of the APEX Group, a family of Italian companies (such as ESB and MIOT) dedicated to the research and development of the most advanced car technology (audio for ESB, and telematics for MIOT).

Along the way Zapco was the first to use complimentary wound transfomers, SMT components, reversed phase inputs so you could run a stereo amp in mono, and tri-wound transformers to allow amps to handle far more current than ever before. These are just some of the Zapco innovations that you will now find in almost all top quality car audio amps today. These Innovations amplifiers put Zapco at the very top of the Car Audio Competition scene and by 2004 Zapco equipped cars took over 35% of all awards at the IASCA world finals. Yes, Zapco became the dominant competition car audio amplifier.

In 2004 Zapco took another bold step by developing the first full function car audio DSP (the DSP-6) and a full line of car audio amplifiers with full DSPs built in. Since 2011 we have been experimenting with our amplifiers and with other home and car amps to see what Zapco could do to take car audio to the next level and bring car sound a big step closer to live sound. The Z-Series competition amplifiers not only epitomizes Zapco’s traditional no-compromise approach to designing and building amplifiers for maximum performance, they helped define our dedication to sonic purity and decade spanning reliability.

The fifth generation of digital processors produced by Zapco is more than just a DSP. It proposes to manage the whole chain of the signal from the sound source up to the acoustic reproduction. An exchange of information on tuning and environmental characteristics where the acoustic system is working through a telematic connection will make the knowledge acquired by the Zapco universe immediate and available everywhere in the world. The fifth generation of the Zapco DSP is a flexible, modular and easy to install and use product. Digital technology is moving fast and the modular design of the Gen-V processors means upgrading will be a breeze and the processors will never be out of date or obsoleted. This is the most advanced DSP offered to date.

At Zapco, we’ve been doing the same thing in the same place for almost 40 years, constantly searching out innovative ways to bring better sound to the automotive environment. Why do we do it? Nothing else can grab your soul and bring tears to your eyes like music. Music will make you tap your feet, and dance for joy. Of all the arts, music has the most powerful and immediate effect on your body and your mind. Reproducing music in all its glory, and it’s subtleness, and its detail deserves nothing less than our best efforts. Because Sound Matters.

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