EMMA China kicked Off

EMMA China’s first event was kicked off in the right after the the big celebrations of Chinese New Year.

AAITF is the biggest Automotive convention in China, it attracts many visitors around the world to attend every year.

In this event EMMA China successfully organized 10 hours installation challenge, 3 competitors to form a team. A totals of 5 teams with 2 from China, and 1 each from Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.
The 5 brand new Honda FIT was issued 5 sets of same equipments from Rock Power speakers, Venom amplifiers processor, Awave spare tire active woofer, Jaws damping and Mingyue cables.
Both Sound Quality and Installation was than judged on the next day.
The China Team “YI CHE GANG” emerged winner from the 5 teams and went home with the prize money of US$1000

Another highlight of the event was the DSP tuning challenge, attracting 10 top tuners of Asia from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia. In this segment Malaysia’s John Lam emerged winner winning US$700 and Indonesia’s Steven AJM came in 2nd place winning US$300.

Together with another 30 competition cars competing in the other separate categories.

3 Judges from EMMA KOREA assisted to judged this event.

The 2 days event on 27 & 28 February was seen by the convention visitors, good feedback was well received praising the high standards quality of cars and installation skills shown.