Mosconi brings extremely compact amplifiers to the “Next Level“

The pico series is mosconis answer to challenges in the latest vehicles. The pico 8/12 DSP was the first go ahead, a very compact 8 channel amplifier with 12 channel DSP. It has 8x60w and can drive a complete Audiosystem that way. The future models pico 4 and pico 1 will be an amplifier series for nearly every application.

Audiophile aspiration – The casing is with the measurements of only 150×115 mm very small but includes up to date technology. Signalprocessing completes with 96khz and 144db dynamic range the HiRes audio standard. The 2.1 MHz pmw-power amplifiers process the digital stream without added DA-conversion. The result are minimal thd and imd distortions and an audio performance of far more than 40 kHz.

Smart and efficient – up to 8 analog inputs can be routed and mixed as you please. On top of that you can connect up to 3 digital sources and can be triggered by signal. More extensive DSP-functions on in- and output will allow the adaptation on to every source and the perfect tuning of the audio system.  A signal operated power supply and the efficient design will make the pico series your first choice even with limited electrical systems like in electric vehicles or campervans.    

Digital signal processing “next level”in addition to familiar DSP-functions like Equalizer, Filter and time correction is easily mastered by the processor pico 8/12 DSP as well as extended algorithms. Matrix computations allow you to correctly playback the centre speaker.  The bass reproduction of the front speakers can be lifted without higher stress. The back speakers are able to widen the stage width and premises specifically. Dynamic Equalizer and Filter can be set seperatly and/or dependant from the loudness.