Morel launches its new Virtus Nano Carbon series, a prodigious upgrade to its famous ultra-slim Virtus Nano series.

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After winning the 2018 CTA Design and Engineering Award with the launch of the new Virtus Nano Integra 602, ultra slim high-fidelity point source speaker (patent pending), it was time to trickle its unique qualities to the Nano 2-way and 3-way systems as well. The new Virtus Nano Carbon replaces the composite paper cone with a damped, carbon fiber cone, giving the new drive unit vastly improved performance and more appealing aesthetics. This tour-de-force of innovative engineering enables Hi-Fi sound reproduction from a speaker that is only 0.67″ deep.

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With a mounting depth of only 0.67-inches, the Virtus Nano Carbon is the shallowest 6.5-inch high-end speaker in car audio. “To accomplish our goal, our R&D team had to reinvent our speaker architecture while incorporating as many of Morel’s key technological features developed over the years.” Mordechai concludes.

The Nano Carbon woofer incorporates a large 2.1-inch (54mm) diameter Hexatech™ aluminum External Voice Coil (EVC™) and neodymium magnetic system to enable high power handling and linear movement for superior resolution.

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The innovative “Grand-dome” convex shaped cone made of highly damped sandwich hybrid carbon fiber and foam core provides wide-dispersion and excellent on and off-axis response qualities. The Virtus Nano Carbon 3-way component system incorporates the compact CDM600 midrange featuring a 2.1-inch (54mm) dome and Hexatech aluminum voice coil, along with a powerful neodymium magnet motor and rear vented design using Morel’s C.A.R. filter. This allows the CDM600 a broad range performance that most other dome midrange cannot match, and a shallow, compact design providing the installer various options for installation. Both 602 2-way and 603 3-way component sets utilize the unique MT120N tweeter featuring Morel’s renowned 1.1-inch (28mm) handcrafted Acuflex™ silk dome. To bring the speakers together in complete harmony, the Virtus Nano Carbon get their own specific MXR crossover. This high-fidelity ultra- slim speaker system, promises a superb musical experience.