MUSWAY – Technique for sound enthusiasts at Salzburg’s Automesse 2019

Als Musway vor einem Jahr mit einem kleinen erlesenen Elektronik-Portfolio Marken- und Marktpremiere feierte, hatten Audio Design-Gründer und Geschäftsführer Bruno Dammert und sein Team längst den Blick in Richtung Zukunft gerichtet. Ziel: Ein umfassendes, wohldurchdachtes Angebot an Car Audio Komponenten, die in puncto Technik und Ausstattung höchste audiophile Ansprüche erfüllen und sich durch schlichte Eleganz und faire Preise hervortun.

When the small, exquisite Musway electronics portfolio had its premiere in Salzburg one year ago, Audio Design founder and CEO Bruno Dammert and his team had  already turned their eyes to the future of the new brand. Their goal: A comprehensive, well-thought-out range of Car Audio Components, meeting the highest standards in terms of technology, equipment and audio performance, which stand out for their simple elegance and fair prices.

Today, the Musway portfolio includes DSP amplifiers and processors as well as speaker systems, ingenious subwoofer systems and accessories. Audio Design’s R & D team showed the same dedication and meticulousness that already gave the DSP amplifiers their recognition. Only finest components and innovative materials were good enough to become part of the Musway lineup, which is impressively characterized by its virtuoso sound performance, excellent power delivery and longevity.

As part of the CarMediaWorld at this year’s Automesse Salzburg Audio Design presents its boosted Musway product program from March 22-24. In Musway’s Showcar – a Maserati Levante – music-loving trade fair visitors experience the exquisite sound and intuitive handling of Musway car audio components.