HERTZ introduces the two-way systems Cento CK 165 and CK 130

Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art design methods used in the flagship line MILLE, the team of electro-acoustic designers achieved top performance, never before achieved in this category, to offer you real added value. Thanks to a design planned to the last detail, the Cento loudspeakers maintain a linear and controlled output, even at the very high listening volumes required by younger fans. Hertz Cento is the first step into the exciting world of in-car listening at the highest levels.

The two-way systems Cento CK 165 and CK 130, respectively equipped with 16.5 cm (6.5 in.) and 13 cm (5 in.) cones, share the new C 26 tweeter featuring a 26 mm (1 in.) Tetolon® dome and 20 mm (0.8 in.) voice coil for a detailed and natural reproduction of medium-high frequencies. The R&D team worked extensively to optimize the C 26 dispersion characteristics to maximize performance on the listening point, with a natural and progressive roll-off and a natural timbre that favors frequency linearity. Much time was invested in the research of the perfect material for the C 165 and C 130 woofer cones: through a long process of customization of the materials SPP-M was selected (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica), which preserves the natural sound of the semi-pressed paper and enhances it with Mica powder improving rigidity.

The result is an excellent balance between lightness and damping, essential for a powerful and controlled emission. The oversized ferrite magnet provides excellent control even at higher excursions. The ultra compact CCX 2 crossover featuring tweeter emission level control (0, +3 dB) uses selected components for a full and engaging sound. The CG 165 and CG 130 grilles included in the Cento systems brighten up the car interior with their sophisticated design. Made of high resistance ABS with metal mesh, they offer a high degree of protection within a compact size, ideal for in-car installation.