New Nations and New Team Spirit at the International Head Judge Training 2019 in Salzburg

While new rules, a new competition CD and the introduction of new competition classes were in focus of the EMMA Head Judge Training last year, the emphasis this year was on the incorporation and welcoming of new EMMA nations into the international judge team. With Argentina, Columbia,  Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Iran, there is even more cultural diversity in the EMMA community, which always sets new tones and opportunities in terms of listening taste, music preferences, installation technology and modern automotive electronics.

As part of the event mix of EMMA Head Judge Training, CarMediaWorld and EMMA Eurofinals, again taking place in Salzburg, training coordinator Chris Körbel and his team prepared around 60 Head Judges from more than 30 nations for a successful competition season. In various theoretical and practical training sessions they presented the competition CD and the rulebook as tools for a professional evaluation of competition cars, which were equipped according to EMMA regulations.

After their examination an certification, the Head Judge team immediately put their newly acquired knowledge into practice in the context of the EMMA Eurofinals.