GAS becomes new EMMA Global Partner

After participating at the CarMediaWorld in Salzburg the first time the management of Winn Scandinavia decided to become a official EMMA partner just now. Winn Scandinavia is the company where GAS Products are developed and manufactured.

The story of our Swedish company starts with the two empty hands of a dedicated enthusiast. And a genuine interest for sound. It takes courage, strength and will to make the right things happen. To start from scratch, to earn a position, to know what is expected and work it out no matter what. To give what it takes to achieve a greater goal is a lifetime journey. Our founders are on that journey. Today it´s called Winn Scandinavia.

GAS Car Audio was founded in Sweden 1997 and has worked hard for the past 20 years to develop and deliver high quality products with great value for the money.
Both products and the ideas are developed by our in-house technicians in sweden focusing on what the European car audio scene demands and request. The goal is to offer and supply superior car audio that everyone can afford, because we do believe that great sound is something worth striving for. When using products from GAS Car Audio you know that you always get great value for the money.

Our organization has existed in various constellations since 1992. We never compromise on quality, or lose focus on details, in our ambition to find new ways and solutions in creating the right products for our customers. It all comes down to one thing – we do what we do with pride and we love to win.

The former EMMA European champion Patrik Skogholm, who serves as Export Manager, is delighted about the new partnership.
He says ”We are very excited to team up with EMMA Global as a partner. The increasing interest in our products around the world and the possibility to extend our network makes this a great  partnership for us”. GAS Car Audio is already one of the most used car audio brands in the scandinavian market and has frequently delivered several successful and viral marketing campaigns during the past year. The unboxing of GAS Competition 32” Subwoofer has reached over 1 million views at Youtube within a year.

With a vast array of products, starting with BEAT line up to COMPETITION and with ALPHA, SILVER and PRO line in between, GAS currently ranging nearly 300 products from amplifiers to empty cabinets.

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GAS Car Audio is owned and distributed by the swedish organization Winn Scandinavia AB.