EMMA China installs live

On 25th May we had successfully completed EMMA China’s 2nd competition of the season in Hangzhou, to the industry this event was a test session towards Bluetooth technology. We see competitors coming from the East mostly, other than the regular SQ categories i have also origanised 12 competitors in a 8 hours install challenge. 

In this competition we saw 30%of the competitors using USB media, 20% uses mobile device and the balance 50% uses conventional CD player, the other highlight of the 8 hours install challenge was sponsored by a company brand APE which supported the event with 4 units of new release DSP/Amplifier equipped with bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Music source is stream from HUAWEI P30 mobile phone using EMMA-WAV file.

Toyota was 1 of the sponsor for this install challenge as such on the day 4 units of brand new RAV-4 SUV was used on site, APE is the official DSP sponsor, Jaws was official damping sponsor, Xcelsus Audio was the official speaker sponsor, AWAVE was the official Active woofer sponsor & Mingyue was the official Cables sponor. This competition gathered 6 industry distribution and brand owners to come together with 4 teams to complete the install in 8 hours and judged in M category scoresheet. 

The results shown that the bluetooth technology did very well in some categories, those using USB media too. We will expect to see more products from china equipped with bluetooth 5.0 by end of this year and we will have more competitors using this to compete for sure.