EMMA China round 3

On 7 July was EMMA China’s 3rd preliminary round of competition in Foshan and attracted over 50 cars taking part.
During a very Hot day of 35 degrees with 9 Sound quality categories and an 8 hours install challenge the judge team was on the limit.
The competition was tough as competitors from 10 different teams trying to get a ticket into the EMMA China Finals. To qualify for that they have to get at least 1 trophy from this
HIVI was the main sponsor of the event and they also launch their brand new DSP at the same time and very soon they will be able to witness this product in the competition.
The 8 hours install challenge uses 4 units of Honda CRV with the combination of Evembl DSP with Amplifier, Awave spare tyre active woofer and Top Palace plug and play speakers. The combination of Installation and Sound quality judging made the winner from this competition and he will be competing against the winners from the last 2 rounds in the finals.