EMMA Malaysia 2019 International Judge Training

Promoting 5 more International Judges this year, EMMA Malaysia now have a total number of 49 judges ready to perform!

EMMA Malaysia International Judge training 2019 has been held on 21st July 2019, with International Head Judge Mr.Prapasakorn Bhucksasri (JINO) from Philippines to be the trainer, together with Mr.Howie Choo (President of EMMA Malaysia) as second trainer.

This year, 5 more persons from Malaysia has been promoted as EMMA International Judge and a series of program from local and overseas (South East Asia) associations has been discussed and in progress to send all the qualified judges to perform in competitions. Collaborating with neighbour country, EMMA Malaysia has been sending new and capable judges to give a fair and accurate assessment for EMMA competitors.

2019 Judges List ( till August)

EMMA Indonesia (Riau), 23rd June. Mr. Alan Yip

EMMA Indonesia (Medan), 3rd August. Mr. Jack Lew

EMMA Taiwan (Tai Chung), 23rd & 24th August. Mr. Poh Chong Hwee

In the upcoming month, EMMA Malaysia expected to send 4 to 6 more new judges to broaden the judge network across Asia, we do invite potential neighbouring country to exchange judges with us to have new judges trained, and be participated.

Thanks to Automotive Aftermarket Traders Association of Malaysia hosting the training and the upcoming competitions in August, October and November together with EMMA Asia Final (Malaysia Stage), and all the sponsors to make this happened.

Awaiting the following EMMA Malaysia 2019 Heat 1 update!