Morel CCWR 254 Broadband

Morel has brought to the market a premium yet affordable wideband driver that allows for a variety of installation options, given the growing number of vehicles with small wideband drivers in factory locations.

Broadband speakers that cover both midrange and high frequency audio spectrums are becoming increasingly popular in new vehicles. As a result, Morel developed the CCWR 254 as a premium wide range driver with detailed highs and a lush midrange in a compact size.

Even with its diminutive 2.5″ diameter, the new CCWR 254 employs some of Morel’s best technologies including an extremely powerful dual neodymium EVC magnet motor along with a full copper sleeve. The computer optimized design ensures superb linearity and high magnetic flux enabling the CCWR 254 to span a frequency response of 300Hz-19kHz with ultra- low distortion across its frequency range. A perfect sounding solution for competition cars.