2019 EMMA Asia Championships Kicks Off

The 2019 EMMA Asia Championships, the World’s largest Multi-City Car Media Competition, kicks off on October 6 at the Seoul International Motorshow, and will conclude in Taipei, Taiwan at the Yu Chen Innovation Center, Songshan on November 30, 2019. 

A total of 10 countries are joining this year’s EMMA Asia Championships, the largest it has ever been since the start of the Championship series in 2011. 

Our thanks goes to Major Sponsors Audiotec Fischer (Brax, Helix, Match), Focal and Silent Coat, and Premium Sponsors Audible Physics, JL Audio, Top Palace and Venom.

This years competition features 7 of the regions best judges, in a format that has been designed to ensure the highest quality of judging standards, making the EMMA Asia Championships one of the most highly prestigious events to garner a trophy in.

A total of over 30 Trophies are up for the taking. So, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Philippines and Taiwan…are you ready? Let the 2019 EMMA Asia Championships begin, and the best of luck and warm wishes from all of us in EMMA. We look forward to seeing all of you at the awarding in Taipei, Taiwan on November 30, 2019.