Finish Finals 2019

Finnish finals gathered in total a massive 54 competition cars to Tampere on the last weekend of September. Several hugely tight competitions were seen on the two-day event in the event center Kuivaamo, which acted as the venue for the Finnish finals for the second time now. The battle of Finnish championships took place on Saturday and the winners were awarded in the event party during Saturday night. On Sunday, six cars competed for a Best of Sound title over the class limits and five cars were nominated to be judged for the Best of Install.

Some highlights of the competition included events like youngest ever winner in Finland as Rasmus Kaivonen won the title in SQ E 3000€ at the age of thirteen. Pasi Myllynen winning the SQ Unlimited using extremely rare Orion amps from era of ”Watt war”. Teemu Ekola and Sami Soikko ending up head to head in sound in SQ M 5000€ and Teemu winning by the help of better install points. Mikko Laine pushing to the title in the extremely high standard SQ M Unlimited class. Jami Skou taking a big win over Joni Hirvonen in the SQ X Limited class. Jesse Nikkinen breaking the 150dB limit in ESPL T2W class and the ruling European Champions Arsi Sipilä, Toni Rutanen, Team Rautama and Antero Kölli controlling their corresponding classes like European Champions should do. The competition spirit was high and big plans for the Salzburg visit in March started already on Sunday. It might be that the Finns are coming over with the biggest group ever!

Sponsors supported the event and got visibility to their brands like Massive Audio and Stetsom on the LR Import’s huge booth. Style’n Sound and AudioVision shared a stand and presented fine SQ gear from brands like Zapco and Hybrid Audio as well as Sinfoni and Steg. Powerset had brought their demonstration car to the event to highlighting the impact of only adding a DSP amplifier from Helix and a Ground Zero sub to the OEM system without cutting a single wire. And of course the Autosound car audio magazine was present and will be reporting the finals with a massive report on the year’s last number.”

Results can be found here >>

Pictures Copyright Mika Alavesa Photography and EMMA Finland.