2019 EMMA Asia Championships : Indonesia Stage

On November 17, Indonesia hosted the world’s largest car media competition at the QBig Mall in Serpong, just outside of Jakarta City, with just under 70 cars joining in the festivities on the jam packed Sunday. Several cars made the journey all the way from other provinces such as Medan and Surabaya which is approximately 18 hours drive from Jakarta.

As is usual for International competitions in Jakarta, cars joined almost all the possible categories to ensure that Indonesia would continue bring in more trophies. As has been in the past 2 years, Indonesia is a strong contender in almost all categories, with many of them hoping again this year for a great result.

The venue was a busy shopping mall area, with EMMA Indonesia opting this year for a live videotron feed of the days events, complete with coverage and same day edited videos for all passing by. The next station of the 2019 EMMA Asia Championships is in Singapore where the team is ready to continue with the task of sifting out Asia’s next car media champions.