EMMA Italy Finals in Bologna

Also this year EMMA Italy finalized a fantastic season of the EMMA Italy championship within the beautiful structure of the Bologna fair.

About 50 cars animated the two-day event; during the first day the installation and listening evaluations of the Sound Quality categories were carried out, in an excellent quiet environment as these competitions require!

The second day the ESQL and ESPL assessments that animated the pavilion took place, creating a lot of interest for the spectators present who were able to listen to many ESQL cars with open doors and watch ESPL measurements.

A fun and useful weekend that decreed the Italian Champions of 2019!

For the first two winners of the International Championship, the doors of the European Final will open in Salzburg in March 2020.

Soon all the details and deadlines will be announced in order to register.

The Emma Italy association also thanks the sponsors who supported the final stage which are:

Audio Passion, Pro Audio, Vibe, Silence Lab, DLS, Quartorigo, ESX, Audio Design, Rockford Fosgate, Musway

Finally, EMMA Italy would like to thank all the competitors and all the judges, the driving force of the association, who have followed the circuit in all the seasonal stages and in this final and we wish good luck to the competitors who will try to bring up the name of EMMA Italy at the next EUROPEAN FINAL !!