2019 EMMA Asia Championships: Singapore

The 7th Stage of the EMMA Asia Championships of 2019 headed to the city state of Singapore, to their regular venue at the Carros Centre, at the outskirts of Singapore near it’s boarder with Malaysia. Just under 40 cars joined in this year’s Finals, mostly in Sound Quality. It was nice to see new and old faces alike, all hoping to bring home more glory to Singapore as it has done so consistently in the past

Booths were set up by JL Audio during the event, as a means to reintroduce the competition market to their products which have long provided high quality audio for the OEM and aftermarket in Singapore.

The event was completed by; the late afternoon to many good smiles from all competitors. The 2019 EMMA Asia Championships heads to the Vanke Mall in Foshan China for the 8th Stage were just over 60 cars are waiting in the wings in the hopes too of taking home an EMMA Asia Finals trophy.