2019 EMMA Asia Championships : China

The 8th stage of the 2019 EMMA Asia Championships saw the group heading to the Vanke Shopping mall outdoor activity center in Foshan, China. Just under 70 competitors, drove more than 10 hours to make it to this year’s EMMA Asia Finals.

Interestingly, EMMA China also featured their 2019 finals together with an A-Pillar fabrication challenge, which final aim also is to further integrate and familiarize booth installers and the public on the EMMA Installation rules such as the 4cm A-Pillar limitation.

We were happy to see a growing diversity in competitors with a good distribution of competitors across most of the sound quality categories. Competitors also joined in on ESQL and ESPL categories, which drew in the most crowd during the evening, packing the entire competition venue with spectators and on lookers.

The level of competition continues to increase in China, and we wonder how many trophies will be going to China this year. Only the last 2 stages will tell.