2019 EMMA Asia Championships Final Stage: Taipei Taiwan

The culminating event of this years largest Car Media Competition came to a roaring close in Taipei Taiwan, with an additional 40 cars rounding out the over 400 cars competing from 10 different countries across Asia and Russia.

The event was a showcase of all of Taiwan’s best offerings in car audio, with many shops from in and around Taipei making it to the event to help Taiwan take home some of the trophies in both the Sound Quality categories as well as EMMA Tuning.

We were also happy to see many industry people from all over the world visit this years Asia Finals, with many people in high spirits, eagerly rooting for their countries. This years finals also showcased a very varied result, with EVERY country taking home a trophy,

With the great results, and and an affiliates as well as a industry meeting held the day after the awarding ceremony, we are happy to report the great steps that have been taking to continuously make the EMMA Asia Championships the largest car media event anywhere on the planet.

The full list of winners can be found in the listing below, as well as on our results page for future reference. Thank you to all our Sponsors, Audiotec Fischer (Brax, Helix, Match). Focal and Silent Coat as Main Sponsors, as well as Audible Physics, JL Audio, Top Palace and Venom for their sponsorship as well.