Water Ionic Air Cleaner by Wisdom Holy

International EMMA Partner Wisdom Holy presented a ULTRA‐NANO PLATINUM PARTICLE Cleaner for vehicles. The super sophisticated unit is able to clean the air inside the car to a level which is comparable with a forest. In the modern world this Air Cleaner is a fantastic method to keep you and all sharing the car with you healthy.

The Wisdom Holy Air Cleaner in short words:

Shizuoka University Department of Genetics and Genetics and Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Science and Engineering studies have shown that Ultra‐Nano‐Platinum can inactivate viruses.

With a negative potential, it actively attacks cell walls of germs / mold spores / Norovirus and catches hydrogen (H) atoms from them. The said cells will be lack of water, as a result, germs are destroyed because they cannot duplicate.

Having a very strong Anti‐oxidation capability, it can abstract hydrogen (H) atoms from the organic matter of the unpleasant odors to decompose them.

The sterilization is not an ionization effect. It is almost impossible to generate metal allergens. Safety evaluation test has confirmed its safety.

It uses deliquescence effect collecting water molecules from the air and generating water vapor. Ultra‐small molecules can be absorbed by the skin to keep moisture.