ESB Audio goes EMMA

Some of the most important milestones in the history of high fidelity audio have been marked by the ESB company. Ideas, insights, basic applications of electroacoustic principles and above all a passion for high fidelity audio. These are the foundation of the ESB history.

The corporation was officially born in 1972. But three years earlier ESB had already entered the market with the historic 240L loudspeaker. Since then it’s been 50 years, travelling the market of high fidelity (home and automotive) in all its evolution, acquiring a wealth of experience and knowledge that are hard to find elsewhere. An assembly of people, work, investment and insights. What cannot be told are all the human contacts, confrontations, discussions and discoveries during the ESB unique and important journey. 

For ESB making good sounding speakers is not enough. ESB goes beyond, to optimize other factors as the listening environment and the soundstage. So the Phase and the birth of the UMA unit, the DSR (Distributed Spectrum Radiation) and the iconic 7-series, the new DSR/DSP studies. These are the milestones of the past and the future of ESB.

ESB, for over thirty years, has specialized in the engineering and construction of speakers for automotive applications, offering different product lines, in order to achieve the true fidelity to the musical source. True to quality. True to the music. Pure performers, accurate reproducers.

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