Twice as good!

For 20 years the EMMA competition recordings have been the ultimate benchmark for high quality music without commercial mastering. The EMMA recordings have been consistently produced with enormous effort to remain as natural as possible, but this time we definitely put the cherry on the cake! At the EMMA Eurofinals in Salzburg EMMA will launch a special limited edition of the actual competition disc in high resolution. These special recordings have been mastered in 88Khz, 24 bit and are the first which are fully comparable with a common CD Quality based on the same original recording material. The sampling rate is simply doubled of a normal CD and the bit depth is increased from 16 to 24 bit, so the amount of information is significantly higher. Audio systems that are able to handle this higher rate of information will sound much more detailed than common material.

First tests in cars have shown an amazing result. Even Audio Systems which were already on top of high end could be tweaked to an even higher level. Also, on any good headphone or home audio system the difference is clearly audible. EMMA will launch a USB Stick with these files at a fee of 25 Euro at the CarMediaWorld Salzburg starting on March 20. Later the sticks will be also available at EMMA´s online shop Be exited!