EMMA Eurofinals and CarMediaWorld from July 24-26 at PS Days Hannover

After the cancellation of the show in Salzburg all the efforts have been taken to find an alternative location to host this important event. We are glad to inform you that we found a very promising solution in July 2020. The CarMediaWorld and the EMMA European Championships will take place from July 24-26 in Hannover/Germany in conjunction with the Performance and Style Days and the XS Car Night. All competitors who are qualified are asked to be registered again. The National EMMA affiliations will therefore send information and registration documents to all qualified competitors.

So far the schedule is the following:

The arrival of the competitors cars will be on Thursday, July 23 until 19°°. All cars must be in the hall by that time. Friday and Saturday is regular judging, Sunday is ESPL/ESQL Final with the ceremnony in the afternoon. End of the show is Sunday after 18°°.

In Hannover will be no judge training and no EMMA party as the circumstances do not allow for such activities, but on Saturday evening the PS Days will have a big and promising evening event, the XS Car Night.

Further details will be published within the next weeks.