2020 EMMA Indonesia : New Season, New Horizon, New Spirit, New Hope

Indonesia is a big country with thousands of island and so far many international competitions have been held in Jakarta. Distance, time and cost become obstacles for most installers in the region to compete in the international events in Jakarta. To reduce the gap between regional installers and installers in big cities especially in Java island and give more experience to regional installers, we collaborate with EMMA affilates in other countries to hold international tournaments with the objective of scaling up the competitiveness of regional installers.
This year EMMA Indonesia plans to hold 13 events which consists of international events and regular events, and same like last year we collaborate with other car audio associations in PAHAMI All Champions @Indonesia International Motor Show 2020, and once again we were appointed as a partner in GIIAS 2020 Jakarta which is the largest auto show in Indonesia. Moreover, in this new season we included 2 new cities in an official regular event in the hope that EMMA Indonesia could reach all of Indonesia.

New season, new horizon, new spirit, new hope..