EMMA Indonesia – Euro Star Award 2020

Nowadays, the use of social media as a means of digital marketing are becoming increasingly widespread, to the point that we can find pictures or videos that are spread either through Instagram or Facebook showing the installation process and results to attract potential customers.
With the rise of digital marketing making it easier for prospective customers to pick the workshops that match their needs, the most important question becomes whether the installation is in accordance with the standard installation regulations.
EMMA is the largest car audio association in the world, based in Germany and has affiliaties in more than 40 countries. EMMA is very concerned about car audio installation procedures that prioritize safety, that these installation rules are the standard in all categories of EMMA regular class competitions.
Because of this, EMMA Indonesia will give appreciation in the form of “Euro Star” awards to each workshop that competes in EMMA regular classes.

What is Euro Star?

Euro Star is a car audio workshop ranking system provided by EMMA Indonesia based on concepts, themes, details, and car audio installation techniques that follow the standard EMMA international rules.
Euro Star is given by EMMA Indonesia to every workshop that has completed the competition in a year and can meet a minimum score standard of 155 points, which means that the Workshop must compete in the Master and Expert classes.
One Star: meets the standards in the final competition at the national level
Two Star: meets the standards in the final competition at the international level
Three star: meets the standard and for 3 consecutive years has been awarded the Euro Star – Two Star award with a minimum of 6 different cars
With the existence of the Euro Star rating system, it is hoped that it will make it easier for prospective customers to determine which workshops are suitable for their needs and which have met installation standards in international competitions.

In 2020 there were 6 workshops in Indonesia that have met the standards we have set and are entitled to receive Euro Star awards including:
(in alphabetical order)
1. Audioplus Indonesia – Jakarta
Business Park Kebon Jeruk Blok E2 / 15
Jl.  Meruya Ilir No.  88
West Jakarta 11620
PIC: Andreas Tjahjadi
2. Bestbuddy Workshop – Jakarta
Jl.  Space No.4
Central Jakarta 10610
PIC: Wahyu Tanuwidjaja
3. Concerto – Surabaya
Sukosemolo No.12, Surabaya,
East Java 60119
PIC: Ricky Eko Widodo
4. Dynamics Autosound
Raya Pasar Mobil Kemayoran Blok E 1 2 3
Jl.Kompleks Angkasa Pura, Pademangan
Jakarta 10610
PIC: Suryadi Susanto
5. Mega Audio
Ruko Green Garden Blok A 14 No.50
West Jakarta, 11520
PIC: Johny Chandra
6. Revealing Sound
Jl.  Raya Serpong No.40 Pakulonan, Serpong
Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325
PIC: Ricky Sutanto

Looking at the list of workshops that have won the Euro Star 2020 award above, they certainly deserve this year’s Euro Star award because they are the best car audio workshop in Indonesia and Asia for now.