In pursuit of power, everyone is striving to reach utmost heights, using more and more power sources, more modern batteries and high-power generators.

It is time to put an end to those days when you need more space in the car to reach the limits of the car sound system.

A new range of amplifiers Deaf Bonce Apocalypse – is a crazy power in a compact case.
The Brazilian company SounDigital according to our order designs amplifiers of the Apocalypse AAB series. The unique experience and technologies of the two largest brands are embodied in the new perfect products, the owners of which will have an undeniable advantage over their competitors.

Despite the task, we offer amplifiers for any system – whether it’s a light daily usage or “armored car” with a record result, a powerful subwoofer link or a deafeningly loud forefront.

This series is created for new world records for unlimited sound pressure and is able to release the potential of your competitive system to the MAX level.

Deaf Bonce Apocalypse – the embodiment of unlimited power, a formidable victory weapon created for those who got used to win and be an absolute leader.