Soundigital EVO X

The EVO X Line brings the latest technology in a compact design with the highest quality components. From a pioneering technologySounDigital brought to car audio amplifiers something that had not been explored yet. The thermal coupling through RTGP system.

The exclusive RTGP system (Thermal Recovery for power generation) assures SounDigital products both greater thermal efficiency and robustness with higher stability.

Dynamic Thermal Dissipation
A system that provides a faster heat exchange with the environment, increasing the efficiency of the amplifier resulting in lower levels of distortion during long working periods.

Reduced Size
The technology used in the SounDigital products brings both high performance and power in a small chassis, providing installation solutions for vehicles with limited space and finishing.

Dynamic Thermal Recovery – DTR
The DTR is a dynamic thermal recovery system which always maintains a high efficiency of the amplifier by accelerating the thermal exchange of electronic components with the heatsink.
– Aluminum heatsink
– Conductive copper layer
– Electronic component

Vibration Absorption Device
SounDigital added a new device to the EVO X products which act like springs, reducing the impact of vibration on the electronic circuit board, thereby increasing the life and reliability of the amplifiers.400.2 EVOX

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