The RS Master T Mono are high-end Monoblock Amplifier, working ideally for high-level RS Audio loudspeaker systems thru their multicahnnel technology. Compact design, using an underfloor cooling in a special frame aluminum/stainless-steel housing. Alps potentiometer, which also can be switched off for direct-in, low ESR capacitors and silver Mica capacitors from Mundorf.
1 x 130 Watt at 4 Ohm, 1 x 260 Watt at 2 Ohm.

Number of Channels1
Power Output Class AB 4 Ohm150 Watt
Power Output Class AB 2 OHM280 Watt
Frequence Response5 Hz – 80 000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio105 dB
Input Sensitivity150 mV – 8 V
Imput Impedance20kOhm
Idle current2,5 A
Operation Voltage11 V – 14,4 V
Maximum Current30 A
Weight5,6 kg

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