ESB 3000 Series

Research at the highest level

The ESB 3000 speaker system was developed and assembled with a great commitment in the research and development of materials and

engineering solutions of the highest level, with great attention to detail.

The ABS basket, reinforced with fiberglass, have been engineered in order to obtain the maximum in terms of torsional rigidity (bending), but at the same time offer the minimum resistance to the passage of air displaced by the cone from the rear face. Pressed paper with waterproof

treatment are the best marriage of lightness, stiffness and the ability of the cone to dampen any unwanted vibration. All the woofers are equipped with a motor with a grade Y-35 Ferrite magnet, with significantly higher performance than the classic “standard” ferrite magnets. The metal parts of the engine use low carbon steel and have been designed to obtain the maximum magnetic saturation. The voice coil uses an aluminum support and a winding with a double layer technology of copper wire with an aluminum core.

The tweeters use a silk-impregnated thin fabric dome diaphragm for a smooth sound, and oversized voice coils, ventilated and damped with iron-fluid oil. The high-grade neodymium magnets such as N-42, optimized with computer simulations to get better efficiency and improve linearity, ensure greater and better power management and increase the bandwidth and efficiency. The special ventilation design SVS (Surround Vented System) provides optimal cooling of moving coil, to be able to handle high power without dynamic compression, and avoiding compressing the air at the back of the dome, with a great reduction in distortion and extending response to lower frequency.

The 3000 series includes two convertible speakers, with a 6.5”/165 mm or a 6×9”/150×230 mm woofer, and a 1”/25 mm dome tweeter. By removing the tweeter from the woofer, it allows the system to transform from a coaxial system to a separate 2-way system.

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