ESB DIECIMILA Super High-End Speaker Series

The DIECIMILA series has been designed without considering any kind of economic, constructive and technological limitations, in order to obtain absolute sonic purity in music reproduction. We have focused our research and development laboratory on the ability to have full control over all speaker features and parameters, allowing us to build these products without the typical compromises that many high-end speaker manufacturers have to make.

10KT – Super High-End Beryllium Tweeter

Advances in the development of beryllium processing technology, an intense study of the geometric shape of the special oversized inverted dome that incorporates the suspension in a single piece, and our innovative MT-1 motor system, have led to the development of the 10KT tweeter. The 10KT is a tweeter with significantly wider range, lower distortion, greater power handling and higher efficiency than any other available on the market today. All the parts that make up the tweeter have been made with sophisticated precision control machinery in order to have a precision of assembly with an unimaginable tolerance compared to the other tweeter.

10KW – Super High-End Woofer

The 10KW woofer diaphragm is the first in the world that uses a double carbon fiber skin made with pure carbon nanotubes. A carbon ring couples the moving coil with the membrane, this guarantees a perfect energy transfer from the coil to the cone with no loss. ESB’s R&D department has devoted a great deal to developing materials and shapes to balance the mass, stiffness and damping of the ideal basket, obtained with a mix of aluminum (Avional, for aerospace use) and carbon fiber. The MW-1 motor, which includes the large titanium voice coil and a neodymium magnet, our special ventilation system, and a colossal effort to minimize eddy currents, ensure absolutely neutral and faithful sound reproduction.

10KM – Super High-End Midrange

The 10KM midrange uses the same type of basket technology used for the woofer, with a mix of aluminum (Avional) and 

carbon fiber, allowing the speakers to operate with maximum clarity and dynamics. Although expensive to implement, the use of aluminum in our speakers plays a fundamental role in our design philosophy. The 10KM also implements a radial voice coil ventilation system.