National Final 2017 – Erbaelettronica

15. December 2017 @ 09:00 – 16. December 2017 @ 18:00
Viale Resegone
22036 Erba
Province of Como

Good morning to all competitors !!

As we had anticipated we have now reached TIME X 🙂
Are you ready for the biggest event of the season?
This year we chose a new location, a modernly conceived space that hosts a number of successful events !!!
Our NATIONAL FINAL will be held from Saturday 16 to Sunday 17 December at the Erba Electronics Fair (Viale Resegone, 7, 22036 Erba CO)

The event will take place on two (2) days.
Entrance is closed until 20:00 on Friday, December 15, for logistical reasons and visitor inflows.
The cars will have to stay on display at the end of the fair on Sunday 17 at 18:00

Categories: Sound Quality – Multi Media – Emma Racing – ESPL (International Regulations)
As a rule, access to the final is allowed for the first 10 cars in the rankings or the top 10 available to climb.
Participation in the National Final is a prize for qualification for the European final of Salzburg.
To access the final you have to fill in the form to this link:

N.B. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a summary email in the box marked at registration, of the data you entered. All compulsory boxes must be NECESSARLY compiled otherwise the registration will not be successful!
N.B. It is not necessary to indicate the model, the abbreviations, the various components, but the brand only (brand only).

It is recalled that all competitors in Price Categories have the OBLIGE to compile the copy of the EMMA DATABASE VALUE in order to confirm the correct membership of the chosen price category!
Maximum deadline for entries Tuesday 5 December at 23.59.

For info:

Categories SPL ITALY
They will be able to access the National Finals the top 5 ranked for each category.
To access the final you must send an email with the application to:
specifying in the OBJECT the FINAL ENGLISH 2017 and possibly the categories to which you want to participate (if more than one). You will receive a reply email to have the (or the) category confirmation.

For all participants in all categories you will receive an email with the total cost, payment method, and all possible data.
You will also need to send the photo / scanner of the receipt of the payment, always following the instructions sent to you by e-mail. At this point you will be sent an e-mail of confirmation of having enrolled in the Italian final.

N.B. Maximum deadline for entries Tuesday 5 December at 23.59.
In the registration price for the final are included 2 pass person:
For each car will be issued a pass with written car model and license plate. Cars that can not be placed on the list will not be able to access the fair.
Absolute ban on the display of trademarks on banners, banners, gazebo and the like not previously agreed upon with the organization.

Stay Tuned !!!