the international EMMA Event Calendar

International Head Judge Seminar 2021 @ Messe Salzburg
Apr 25 – Apr 27 all-day

The next international head Judge Seminar will be in April 25-27 and is planned as a three days educational session on the Rulebook and Media sources of EMMAS Version 2022. The participants will be educated to become official international EMMA Head Judges. The registration of participants must be confirmed by the official National EMMA affiliate. The Location is the Salzburg Fair (Messezentrum) where also the Eurofinals will take place April 28 to April 30. The beginning of the Training lessons is daily 9°° and will end at about 18°°

The training fee is 249,00 € and includes:

3x  times Lunch
USB Media/Rulebook in englisch

1 EMMA Shirt
1 Dinner on April 28 for the certificate ceremony

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European Carmedia Championships @ Customized Salzburg
Apr 27 – Apr 30 all-day

EMMA Eurofinals schedule and Info

Arrival of Competitors: Wednesday, April 27, 14°° to 18°°

Competition: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Awarding Ceremony: Saturday 16°°

Friday April 29, Get Together from 18°° to 22°° with country presentation.

All competitors qualified for the 2019 Eurofinals have the right to compete according to their previous qualification. It is up to the national EMMA Affiliate to nominate additional candidates qualified during the seasons 2020 and 2021. Therefore EMMA intl. will provide extra wildcards. Regardless of what modus is used, a max of three competitors per country per class are allowed.

In exceptional cases competitors might have changed the car so we will allow the participation if the competitor is able to proof that in advance and informs us before January 31, 2022. A later change of vehicle is not possible – this is valid for all classes and categories including ESQL, ESPL, EMMA Tuning and Multimedia. The rules and music material used is the Rulebook 2018 including later addendums as well as the official EMMA CD Version 2018. The use of the current High-Res Files in the competition is limited to SQ Expert categories.

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CarMediaWorld Exhibition, April 28-30


The new CarMediaWorld will be embedded into a trade fair apart from the Automesse. “Customized” is new format of exhibition showing all factettes of Motorsports, High End Tuning and customizing. The new location within the trade fair area in Salzburg will be the Halls 2/6 for Exhibitors and SQ competition vehicles and Hall 2/5 for the ESPL and lifestyle cars as well as the main stage.

The building of the area starts on Saturday, April 23. The exhibitors’ booths will be available Wednesday April 27, at about 12°°

Thursday April 28 trade visitors’ day. Only invited guests

Friday, Saturday public days together with Customized show

Official Partner of the CarMediaWorld Salzburg Audiotec Fischer