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European Carmedia Championships 2017 @ Automesse Salzburg
Mar 22 – Mar 25 all-day

EMMA Eurofinals 2017 – taking place togehter with:






Salzburg, UNESCO World Heritage, birthplace of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, melting pot for northern, southern and eastern European culture, host of the Austria’s prominent Motor Show becomes venue for the 17th edition of the EMMA Eurofinals. To the EMMA Community, that means numerous cultural monuments and events and on the Salzburg fairground: thousands of square feet exhibition space filled up with exclusive cars and automotive life style; ultimatevely exciting, inspiring and informative. At this venue, the great challenge for the international EMMA Community will take place from March 22 to 25.

IMPORTANT: Competitors which are not able to join the Eurofinals please send your cancelation to until March 3. Competitors which are missing without any excuse are going to be banned for the next Eurofinals.

The arrival and registration of the participants will begin on Thursday, March 22 at 14°°pm and ends before 19°°pm. The Registration will be in Hall 10. The gate to drive into Hall 10 is Gate 10 i. To register please drive in front of the Hall at the announced gate, park your car there and register your car at the Registration Desk Hall 10. After the subscription  your vehicle will be guided to the designated place. (EMMA officials will welcome you there and guide you).

Please make sure your registration sticker is placed in the front window. The cars will be sorted and placed by the advice of the EMMA Team. An EMMA official will guide you to the designated place. ESPL/ESQL and Racing competitors are going to be placed in the Arena. The registration fee for all categories will be 80,00 Euro. The participation fee has to be paid cash at the registration desk before entering the Hall. Additional starts will cost an extra fee of 20,00 Euro per class. The registration contains one ticket for the EMMA Party. Additional Party Tickets can be bought at the EMMA Desk for a price of 15 Euro at latest Saturday morning till 12°°. Please note that all cars must be inside the hall on Thursday March 22 at latest 19°°pm.
A competitors briefing and introduction of the judging team will take place on Friday morning 9:30 at the main stage in the Salzburg Arena. The judging procedure will start at 10°°am and it will end 19°°pm in the evening. All categories will start according to the plan which is displayed at the Front Desk in Hall 10. In categories with more than 12 cars attending the SQ judgement could be split into two days (Fri/Sat).
All SQ cars will be judged with the single seat judging system. The judges will verify the sound quality only from the driver seat. No scores will be shown to the competitor. The final result will be the average of the scores.
ESPL & ESQL competition will take place on Friday & Saturday. A detailed timetable will be displayed at the backoffice. Please also take care about announcements at the stage. Measurements will take place in front of the Stage in the Arena.
On Sunday at 11°° the best two of the first ESPL round will compete against each other in front of the stage. The ceremony will start around 16°°pm .
The Tracks used for the measurement procedure are
• First Round: Track 33
• Final Round: Track 32

Important information about Noise-Level
Please note, that we have to take care about the regulations of the exhibition and that we are in charge of the health of visitors and other exhibitors as well as of employees of the exhibition and also the EMMA Team.

Hall 10: No noise at all – No demonstration with open doors is allowed. Moderate background music is ok.

Arena: No noise at all –
During the official Measurement of course it is ok. On designated time windows playing loud music will be allowed. All participants in the Salzburg Arena must give their car keys to the back office before 18:30 on Saturday evening. No music playing is allowed during the EMMA Party.

Official competition Timetable:
• Friday: All SQ classes, Multi Media, EMMA Racing, ESPL/ESQL
• Saturday: All SQ classes, Multi Media, EMMA Racing, ESPL/ESQL
• Sunday: ESPL Final, 16°°pm Award Ceremony at the main stage in the Arena

The Area overview
The SQ Competitors are in Hall 10
The ESPL/ESQL/Racing Competitors are in the Arena
The back office is at a desk between Hall 10 and the Arena

>> 2018 Competitor Info

Area Plan:

Links & Information:

Hotel recommendations pdf

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Presentation of the EMMA Competition Disc 2018 @ Messe Salzburg
Mar 23 @ 10:15 – 12:15
Presentation of the EMMA Competition Disc 2018 @ Messe Salzburg | Salzburg | Salzburg | Austria

As EMMA is launching an new CD in Salzburg we would like to invite interested guests to get a special introduction of the material on the Disc. Alex Pleines, the mixing engineer will explain all details of the recording and mixing of the EMMA Disc. The session is about two hours and it will take place in the congress center of Messe Salzburg above Hall 10. Further information will follow. This event will only take place if at least 20 persons will take part.

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EMMA Philippines Competitors Seminar
Apr 7 @ 09:00 – 18:00
EMMA Philippines Judges Training
Apr 14 – Apr 15 all-day
German National Judge training @ City Partner Hotel Lenz
Apr 14 – Apr 15 all-day


National German Judge training for the Rulebook/CD 2018

More Infos at >>

EMMA Philippines Provincial Planning Workshop @ Dumaguete
Apr 21 all-day
Dolomiti Sound – International EMMA KICK OFF 2018 – Madonna di Campiglio – IT @ Residence La Rosa delle Dolomiti
Apr 27 – Apr 30 all-day

Emma International Competition and Get together

Location : Residence La Rosa delle Dolomiti
The Rosa Dolomiti has a Special promotion offer for EMMA attendees: Only 100 € / 2 people in 4 people apartment (5 days/4 night). The registration fee for competitors is 30 Euro
The arrival is possible from Friday 27/04 to Sunday 30/04 and departure on Tuesday 1/05.

It is possible to extend the apartment use to 7-10 days with an according discount. On Sunday 29 a very special Dinner is arranged in an local Restaurant.

Saturday SQ Judge Training

Sunday Installation Judge Training

Monday SQ, ESPL, ESQL, RACING with new Rulebook 2018

In Addition to the competition a sound Room for Testing Car / Home Amplifiers will be organized in a Great Theater.

Please register before 20 of April 2018 –

For registration and additional informations please visit Direct registration form

For other request please contact :

EMMA Philippines Leg 1: Manila (Alabang)
May 6 all-day
EMMA Malaysia judges training
May 6 all-day
EMMA Germany Sound Off @ BS CARHIFI Walkertshofen
May 19 all-day

BS-Car Hifi

For more information visit

EMMA UK Championship 2018 Modified Nationals @ East Of England Show Ground
May 25 – May 27 all-day


EMMA UK & In Car FREQ Magazine presents:

The 48Hr International Car Audio Build off 2018

Live at Modified Nationals Performance & Tuning Show 25th to 27th May @ Peterborough Arena & Events Centre.

Team UK vs Team Germany 2018

The International Car Audio Build Off is to showcase live the fabrications skills offered by some of the industry’s professional car audio installers, using some of the latest car audio products available.

Each five-person team are given the same car, the same products and materials, yet only 48 hours to build and tune a ‘competition standard’ Car HiFi System.

At the end of the 48 Hr build off (to be held from Noon Friday till Noon Sunday in the main courtyard at Modified Nationals Performance and Tuning Show), each team will present the cars to the guest judges to identify the highlights and unique skills deployed on both cars. The cars will then enter the European Mobile Media Association ( competition.

The cars will be judged according to the new 2018 edition rulebook in the following categories.

Master Level Sound Quality

Skilled ESPL (Sound Pressure Level)
Master Level Installation

Each team will earn a combined TEAM Score.

The team with the highest combined score from the three scoresheets will be crowned International Build Off Champion 2018.

EMMA Sound Off Opeltreffen Oschersleben/Germany @ Motorsport-Arena Oschersleben
Jun 1 – Jun 2 all-day


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EMMA Malaysia Competitor Training
Jun 3 all-day
EMMA Philippines Leg 2: Cebu
Jun 10 all-day
EMMA ITALY – GEMUSICSHOW – Genova @ Fiera di S. Giovanni
Jun 17 all-day


International EMMA Competition

We are at he eight edition of our annual event in Genoa, it will be in a central part of the city, near the Stadium. There will be a non competitive audiomeeting, and Emma international competition!

Many international Head Judges and Competitors will come from many parts of Europe to attend to our event! During the all day in the same area there will be entertainment with music, shop opened, a markets with various type of products!

All the money, removed the expenses, will be give to an association COL, centro oncologico ligure,

>> Pictures from 2017

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+39 3662698382 (Ivan)