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International Head Judge Seminar 2020 @ Messe Salzburg
Mar 18 – Mar 19 all-day

The next international head Judge Seminar will March 18/19 and is a two days educational session on the Rulebook and CD 2018/20. The participants will be educated to become official international EMMA Head Judges or to be updated from regular EMMA Judge. The registration of participants must be confirmed by the official National EMMA affiliate. The Location is the Salzburg Fair (Messezentrum) where also the Eurofinals will take place March 20- 22. The beginning of the Training lessons is daily 9°° and will end at about 18°°

The training fee is 199,00 € and includes:

2x  times Lunch
CD/Rulebook in englisch
according Judgebooks
1 EMMA Shirt
1 Dinner on March 19 for the certificate ceremony

Main themes of the Training

Rulebook and CD 2018/20
Practical training for all Head Judges

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European Carmedia Championships 2019 @ Automesse Salzburg
Mar 20 – Mar 22 all-day

EMMA Eurofinals 2019 – taking place togehter with:




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Salzburg, UNESCO World Heritage, birthplace of Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, melting pot for northern, southern and eastern European culture, host of the Austria’s prominent Motor Show becomes venue for the 19th edition of the EMMA Eurofinals. To the EMMA Community, that means numerous cultural monuments and events and on the Salzburg fairground: thousands of square feet exhibition space filled up with exclusive cars and automotive life style; ultimatevely exciting, inspiring and informative. At this venue, the great challenge for the international EMMA Community will take place from March 20 to 22.

Information for guests and competitors

The arrival and registration of the participants will begin on Thursday, March 19 at 14:00 and ends at 19:00. The registration desk will be in Hall 10. The gate to drive into hall 10 is Gate 10 F.

We like to inform you that this year the entrance for the competition cars to Hall 10 and the Arena will be a bit different from the other years. It is necessary that you (the competitor) register yourself at the registration desk in Hall 10 BEFORE driving into the hall. The registration papers MUST be visible behind the windshield, otherwise you cannot drive into the hall.

All cars have to be parked behind hall 10 or at some parking places behind the halls. The competitors who are parking their cars at the escape routes will not get entry to the hall or the arena.

Between the Salzburg Arena and Hall 10 you will find a Water Hose for final cleaning of your vehicle.

Please make sure your registration sticker is placed in the front window. The cars will be organized and placed under supervision of the EMMA team. An EMMA official will guide you to the designated place. ESPL/ESQL and Tuning competitors are going to be placed in the Arena. The registration fee for all categories is € 80,00 Euro. Additional starts cost an extra fee of € 20,00 Euro per class.

EMMA Global Partners 2020

The registration contains one ticket for the EMMA Party, Saturday evening 19:00 at the Salzburg Arena. Additional Party Tickets can be bought at the EMMA Desk for a price of 15,00 Euro at the latest on Saturday 12:00. The cars will be allocated at a designated area and park there until they are asked to drive into their area.

Please note that all cars must be inside on Thursday, March 21 at latest 19:00.

A competitor´s briefing and introduction of the judging team will take place on Friday 20th  of March at 9:30 at the main stage in the Salzburg Arena. The judging procedure on Friday will start at 10:00 in the morning and will end at 19:00 in the evening.

Sound Quality competition (SQ and MM)

All categories will start according to the plan which is displayed at the front office in Hall 10. In categories with more than 15 cars attending the SQ, the class will be split in 2 and each part will be judged on SQ by 2 different SQ judge teams (Install will be done by one team for the whole class). The best 4 of each part will be judged on Saturday to determine the final result.

All SQ cars will be judged with the single seat judging system. The judges will verify the sound quality only from the driver seat. No scores will be shown to the competitor. The final result will be the average of the scores.

ESPL, ESQL and Tuning competition

The competition will take place on Friday & Saturday. A detailed timetable will be displayed at the front office in Hall 10. Please also listen carefully to all announcements at the stage. Measurements will take place in front of the stage in the Arena. On Sunday at 11:00 the best two of the first ESPL round will compete against each other in front of the stage. The ceremony will start around 16:00.

The Tracks used for the measurement procedure are

First Round: Track 17
Final Round: Track 19


In addition to the rulebook and addendum the following rules are in effect during this Eurofinal:

  1. When a competitor is not with his car at the time of the judging (SQ, ESPL-Measurement or Install), 10 points will be deducted from his or her total score
  2. To inform the audience every competitor will have a wiring diagram visible to this audience. (in other words, please make a wiring diagram of your installation and make it visible to the audience).
  3. All competitors in price-limited categories have to be able to show their “EMMA Value sheet” to the judges. If this sheet is not available or upon inspection or if it contains incorrect information, the event-director will disqualify the competitor from this competition.

! Important information about noise-level !

Please note, that we have to strictly follow the regulations of the exhibition and that we are in charge of the health of visitors and other exhibitors as well as of employees of the exhibition and the EMMA Team who has its back office in the Arena.
Hall 10: No noise at all
No demonstration with open doors is allowed. Moderate background music is ok.

Arena: No noise at all
During the official Measurement of course it’s ok
Every full hour a signal light will define the time to play loud music. Only when the light is on it is allowed to play music.

The Head Judges will supervise and make sure that everybody will stick to this rule. If it is not working we will skip the rule completely for the whole exhibition and do not allow any noise at all. For those who are not following this rule the car´s charger will be taken away and a 10 point deduction on the scoresheet will be noticed.

Official competition / judging times:

  • Friday: All SQ classes, Multi Media, EMMA Tuning, ESPL/ESQL (from 9:30 – 19:00)
  • Saturday: All SQ classes, Multi Media, EMMA Tuning, ESPL/ESQL (From 09:00 – 17:00)
  • Sunday: ESPL Final (from 10:00 – 15:00, 16:00 Award CeremonyPlease note: Driving inside the halls is strictly forbidden. All cars have to be pushed by hand. All ESPL, EMMA Tuning and ESQL competitors will be measured in front of the main stage in the Arena. A list with the judging order will be displayed at the back office.

Please make sure that your car will be presented to the visitors during the show. A closed car means deduction of points.

Further important information:
Smoking inside of the hall is strictly forbidden. If you need to take your car out of the hall you are allowed to leave in the evening between 18:00 and 19:00 and to enter in the morning between 8:00 and 8:30. If possible bring a fire extinguisher with you.

SQ Entry & Skilled
The competitor has to prove that his equipment was bought regularly in shops, the internet or elsewhere. Only written receipts will be accepted as proof. In case of a not 100% solid document the event director will disqualify the competitor.

Limited Categories (Entry 3000, Skilled 4000, Master 5000, ESPL Trunk 1000)

All used products HAVE TO BE LISTED in the international EMMA Value Database, which you can find at Please check if your products are in the database. If they are not, please make sure to have them added. Please contact your national organization and send them product info and proof of purchase to have those products added. You can add products from the database to your car info and print this sheet for the judges. Please bring your “EMMA Value Sheet” to the Eurofinals. Also here the event director will disqualify any competitor whose equipment is not remaining within the estimated price limit.

Car-PC = Self-made Equipment
In general all Car –PC will count as self-built equipment which leads to a participation in Master or higher category. Only equipment at which the competitor is able to verify that it was not modified in hard- or software (e.g. bought as a product bundle) is allowed to be used in lower categories/classes.

Competitors Info as pdf

Judge Training EMMA-Russia @ MMS Cinema
Apr 18 – Apr 19 all-day
EMMA Germany Judge Seminar @ Motorworld Stuttgart
Apr 25 – Apr 26 all-day
EMMA Germany Judge Seminar @ Motorworld Stuttgart | Böblingen | Baden-Württemberg | Germany

National Judge Seminar with technical training and live judging on Sunday during the official Kick Off at Motorworld. For further Information contact Norbert Tyka at

EMMA Germany Kick Off @ Motorworld Stuttgart
Apr 26 all-day

International German Kick Off at one of the most popular locations for cars in Germany, The Motorworld Stuttgart in Böblingen. To signup go to

Krasnodar (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Krasnodar city
May 30 – May 31 all-day
Tver (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Tver city
Jun 6 all-day
Lipetsk (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Lipetsk
Jun 13 all-day
Khabarovsk (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Khabarovsk
Jun 13 @ 08:00 – 19:00
EMMA Germany Sound Off Opeltreffen Oschersleben @ Motorsport-Arena Oschersleben
Jun 19 – Jun 20 all-day
Saint-Petersburg (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Saint-Petersburg
Jun 27 all-day
Cityscape or landscape by Ivan Smelov
Cheboksary (EMMA-Russia Official Event) @ Cheboksary city
Jul 4 all-day
EMMA Germany Sound Off @ Soundschmiede
Jul 4 all-day

Sound Off with all EMMA categories. Signup at

Find all Infos about Soundschmiede at

Serpukhov (EMMA-Russia Official Event)
Jul 11 all-day
Blagoveshchensk (EMMA-Russia Official Event)
Jul 11 all-day