International Head Judge Seminar 2023

18. April 2023 – 19. April 2023 ganztägig
Messe Salzburg
Am Messezentrum
5020 Salzburg
249.- Euro
Alexander Klett
+49 172 81 55 145

The next international head Judge Seminar will be in April 18/19 and is planned as a two days educational session on the Rulebook and Media sources of EMMAS Version 2022. The participants will be educated to become official international EMMA Head Judges. The registration of participants must be confirmed by the official National EMMA affiliate. The Location is the Salzburg Fair (Messezentrum) where also the Eurofinals will take place April 20 to April 22. The beginning of the Training lessons is daily 9°° and will end at about 18°°

The training includes:

2x  times Lunch
USB Media/Rulebook in englisch

1 EMMA Shirt
1 Dinner on April 19 for the certificate ceremony

The registration is open on Tuesday, April 18 at 9°° – 10°° at the Back Office above Hall 1. All participants must register before they are allowed to attend the training. The payment of 249.- Euro must be done in cash as we have no opportunity for other payments. After signing up you will be guided through the further procedures.

10°° all participants will meet at the conference room No 15. The training day will end at about 18°°

The training Day Wednesday starts at 9°° at the Conference Room No 15.

On Wednesday, April 19 there will be a Dinner for all participants including the Certificate Ceremony starting at 19°° in the Restaurant on the ground level Hall 1. All further Information will be given to you by the trainers during the training lessons.